On Things Racist People Say . . . And Why They’re Wrong



“‘Racist’ is a derogatory term used against ‘white’ people.”

Often when a “white” person who is racist is accused of racism, he or she will respond by accusing the accuser of being racist for assuming that the racist is racist simply because he or she is a “white” person. To the racist who uses this ploy, listen up: If you say or do something that reveals evidence of your racism, and someone has the courage to call you on it, you cannot hide behind your “whiteness” and pretend that “white” people are now an oppressed class, oppressed by the word “racist.”  If you are called a racist after saying or doing something that someone construes as racist, understand that that person does not think that all “white” people are racist, and that person is not accusing you simply because they perceive you to be “white.” If that was the case, they would have accused you as soon as they met you and not waited for you to say or do something racist. No, they do not think that all “white people are racist.  They think that you are racist. You. Own that. Deal with that.


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